Premiere Release of our Downloadable Content

Monday, May 25, 2020

Our first downloadable video is now online. We decided the Savoy Shim Sham Shimmy would be the premiere release. Our attempt is to bring as much value through this medium as we can during these times, we have focused our efforts on the following:

- two different camera angles from a third person view,
- a sequence list so you know what move is coming up,
- a back track of the song, bar by bar,
- a transcription of when each weight shift/touch for the right and left foot.

This is a rigourous and labour intensive approach to capturing this solo dance, but it should come with enough information to help you learn.

Other added value we're proud of is the video runs at 30 frames per second and is offered in 4K Ultra High Definition. We will send you a link to download the video after purchase so you will have it forever.

Thank you to our partners who help direct our efforts towards this particular service delivery. We look forward to making more of these instructional videos throughout the pandemic, where staying safe at home and learning is our only option right now.