Rebranded to stay connected and engaged

Friday, May 1, 2020

Today, we have rebranded all of our services and moved into the virtual world. Providing two types of instructions for anyone who wishes to learn this dance.

Frankly speaking, we are probably not truly “safe” to return to social dancing and group lessons until there is a vaccine and society is innoculated adequately. Until that time, there will be risks involved. So choosing to transition back to social dancing and having group classes before that point is certainly possible and probable BUT choosing to do so, we will be in a risk management situation, managing both health and legal liabilities.

It’s impossible to know when a vaccine might become available so until that time, taking responsibility for risk management is probably the only choice as a responsible organization will be making. With no certain dates in the horizon, we are approaching this new market by providing online services where there are either drop in or goal oriented lessons available.  

As a business that relies on people being in close and touching contact with one another, we can’t afford to fall behind other organizations in the industry when it comes to providing this cultural service. Going online is all of us adapting and can help keep everyone connected and engaged.